The New + Improved Ultimate Cookie Handbook is Here!

Thew NEW & IMPROVED Ultimate Cookie Handbook is finally here! I’ve added more recipes, videos, and printables to make it bigger and better than ever before AND it’s on sale for 40% OFF! SALE ENDS SOON.

Introducing The Ultimate Cookie Handbook… NEW AND IMPROVED EDITION! It’s available TODAY for 40% off! Click here to save.

The Ultimate Cookie Handbook

Stop embarrassing recipe failures. Stop wasting time on mediocre recipes. Stop throwing away money on ingredients. Stop feeling frustrated and defeated with inconsistent results. Everything you need is in this one valuable resource that’ll become a staple in your kitchen. This will improve your baking forever, period.

The hunt for the best recipes & tips is over which means no more guessing. With this scientific yet visual guide, start creating your very own ultimate recipes to share with your friends and family. There’s nothing like spreading the love and brightening someone’s day with your creations. With the new & improved Ultimate Cookie Handbook every batch of cookies you make will be DEVOURED in minutes… with everyone begging you for more.

  • Bake absolute PERFECT cookies every single time… no matter what your definition of ‘perfect’ is (chewy, crisp, cakey, thick, thin, soft, anything you want).
  • Get my BEST meticulously tested recipes that even a 5th grader could follow.
  • FINALLY get the answers to practically every “what went wrong?” question so you can gain unshakeable confidence in the kitchen!
  • Learn the secret science of baking to MASTER any recipe… even if you hated chem class in high school.
  • SHOCK your friends when they find out you made those perfect cookies from scratch (‘cause they’ll never believe you didn’t go to an overpriced bakery).

There’s NO other books out there that give you an entire EDUCATION like this Handbook… it’ll replace many of those unused cookbooks gathering dust on your shelves. Everyone will think you graduated from culinary school!

Here’s the scoop on the new & improved version:

-MORE recipes! I’ve added more meticulously tested recipes to the Ultimate Recipes chapter. These are the recipes that will make you look like a baking hero, the recipes that will have everyone closing their eyes in delight when they take that first bite.

-VIDEOS! If you’re a visual learner like me, I’ve got you covered. Not only are there photos to illustrate literally every single point in the eBook, I’ve created 3 ultra detailed HD training videos so it’s like I’m in your kitchen guiding you along the way.

-PRINTABLES! The beauty of an eBook is that you can instantly have it on your phone, tablet, and computer so it’s handy wherever! But if you’re a little old-fashioned and prefer something physical, I’ve also got you covered. I’ve had my professional designer create printable recipe cards annnnd a couple handy baking cheat sheets.

-COMMUNITY! All of you amazing customers get access to my private Facebook community where we chat all things food, recipes, and deliciousness. I’m in there personally every single week sharing advice and answering questions!

Altogether this is basically your baking perfection kit. The book and videos teach a whole new approach to baking typically reserved only for the experts. Much of this is stuff I’ve never seen in a cookbook before. And it’s all in a totally FUN and VISUAL way… not stuffy or unapproachable.

I’ll teach you how to make the best cookies of your life. It’ll be like I’m right in the kitchen with you showing you exactly what to do. You’ll learn how to make cookies so perfect you’ll wanna snap a million pics to brag-share on Instagram and Facebook.

The Ultimate Cookie Handbook New & Improved

Here’s what you’ll get:

  • Full 90+ page digital eBook
  • 3 HD step-by-step training videos
  • Printable recipe cards + cheat sheets
  • An amazing online community

There are many cookbooks out there about cookies, but few cover the science of baking in a completely foolproof, fun, and visual way. Until now.


I can guarantee this eBook is nothing like the cookbooks gathering dust on your shelves. First of all, you can TRUST the advice and recipes have been meticulously researched, tested, and explained by a pro. Own that bake-sale table, relish in the oohhs and ahhhs as everyone delights in your creations.

The Ultimate Cookie Handbook

Over half a million people have visited my Ultimate Guide to Chocolate Chip Cookies. I’ve tested literally thousands of cookie recipes, graduated from culinary school, and written a cookbook.

Even NPR and People magazine think I’m a cookie expert. Hell, the Food Network liked my cookie guide so much they recreated it for themselves!

Hundreds of people have already purchased the book, but you can be the first to get the new & improved edition. CLICK HERE to see what customers and your favorite bloggers honestly think about The Ultimate Cookie Handbook!

These are the chapters waiting for you inside the eBook:

How to Be a Better Baker
This chapter is loaded with information to improve your baking for the rest of your life. This chapter includes more tips, tricks, and advice than you’ve ever seen in one chapter before!

Cookie 101

The Ultimate Cookie Handbook Cookie 101Here’s where I get into the nitty gritty details of cookie storage so your cookies are always fresh. I also cover oven 101 because we all know ovens are practically as individual as fingerprints. I even share a Basic Cookie Recipe Base to use as a starting place for creating your own cookie recipes with what you learn from the rest of the book! Lastly I cover the Anatomy of a Cookie so you can understand how each ingredient works. You’re guaranteed to learn something new!
Control Recipe

Just like in my Ultimate Guide series, the tweaks and changes shared throughout the ebook are all based on one control recipe. This allows you to see exactly how the changes impact the final cookie!

Cookie Customization Chapter

The Ultimate Cookie Handbook Cookie CustomizationI am so excited for you to get your hands on this chapter. I’ve taken all my cookie experiments alongside my expertise to transform it into an easy guide for you to customize ANY cookie recipe. This is where you can create your ultimate cookie recipes, the cookies of your dreams! I’m sharing the secrets to creating your own perfected go-to recipes everyone will beg you to share. Whether you want chewy, soft, cakey, thick, thin, or crisp cookies, or whether you want to recreate your favorite bakery’s recipe, here is everything you need in one easy place.
Cookie Troubleshooting

The Ultimate Cookie Handbook Cookie TroubleshootingHere’s where you’ll learn how to stop all cookie failures from happening in your kitchen. Seriously! This chapter, complete with pictures for each problem, quickly shows you why your cookies don’t turn out right. I’ve included every possible answer I could think of to the question, “what went wrong?”

Ultimate Recipes

The Ultimate Cookie Handbook RecipesLastly is the recipe chapter. Now I get to share my most adored cookie recipes. From 5 variations of the chocolate chip cookie to snickerdoodles and peanut butter and everything in between, these are the tried-and-true favorites that everyone craves. This is where the knowledge from the earlier chapters comes together to give you what I consider to be the “ultimate” versions of each classic cookie. This chapter is about QUALITY over quantity, containing 10 recipes that you will make again and again.

Early Bird Discount

From now until June 19th, the new & improved Ultimate Cookie Handbook will be available at the sale price of $25. The price will increase on June 20th to $35, so that’s a 40% savings if you BUY NOW.

Guarantee / Refund

The best part is that I offer a 30-day satisfaction guarantee. If you aren’t satisfied with the ebook you can return it and get your money back. Since it’s a digital product, you still get to keep the book even after being refunded. Why would I do this? Because I’m confident that you will love the book. I’ve put so much work into it and invested so much of my own time and resources that I think the work speaks for itself.

Whether you choose to purchase or note, I hope you remember that baking truly is a science. Knowing that alone can go a long way to improving everything that comes out of your oven. Thanks for all your support and encouragement!

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    Eric Lee — June 29, 2016 at 2:48 pm

    I realthanks!ly enjoy watching your video of whole grain oak rolls. This is a healthy bread recipe, Thanks!

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