3-Layer Pistachio Cake

Welcome the spring with this delightful made-from-scratch 3-layer Pistachio Cake covered in silky smooth cream cheese frosting.Made-from-scratch 3-Layer Pistachio Cake

Please welcome back Melanie from Garnish and Glaze as she shares absolutely stunning cake recipe!

Spring is right around the corner!  I can feel it… well not really.  It’s still in the 20’s and 30’s here in Nebraska but I occasionally hear birds chirping and the sun has been shinning bright for the last few days. Gosh I just love even the thought of spring and how everything is new, fresh, and full of life.  Don’t you?

I have really missed the green grass and bushy trees so I get pretty excited about all things green in March.  One naturally green food that I’ve been into lately are pistachios.  I remember having so much fun when I was young sitting with my mom cracking open a handful of nuts to snack on.  She even taught me the cool trick to bust open the tightly closed and almost impossible to crack ones.  Just take a half shell from a nut you’ve already opened, poke it in the slit of the tightly closed shell, and give it a twist.  That stubborn pistachio will open right up.  Go give it a try!

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