Ultimate Muffins

This Ultimate Muffin recipe is THE master muffin base that is perfectly flavorful, tender, and moist. The flavor and add-in options are limitless!

This is THE ULTIMATE muffin recipe! It's a master base that you can add WHATEVER you want to!! Options are limitless.

This is THE ULTIMATE muffin recipe! My go-to! Totally customizable, add whatever you want.

So remember a few days ago when I posted my Ultimate Guide to Muffins where I made eight (!) experimental batches of muffins to figure out what exactly makes them moist, crumbly, tall, flat, tender, or tough? Well, like I’ve done with my Ultimate Chocolate Chip Cookie and my Ultimate Brownie recipes, I knew I just had to take the results of the experimenting and everything I learned and create an Ultimate Muffin recipe!

Ultimate Muffin Recipe - Chocolate Chip Variation! Totally customizable.

So, here it is!! These are my version of the *ultimate* muffin, they’re tender, moist, and fluffy. If you want to know the whys behind the recipe, such as why I start baking at a hotter temperature then reduce of why I love using buttermilk, check out that Ultimate Guide to Muffins. Otherwise, just relish in the fact that if you have similar muffin preferences to me, you’ve finally found the muffin recipe! The one you can turn to over and over and know it’ll work.

I love this recipe because you can literally add WHATEVER you want to it. The flavor and add-in options are endless. While testing out this recipe I made chocolate chip, blueberry, and lemon poppy seed as you can see in the photos. Each was delicious and the mix-ins worked wonderfully. I’ve included a bunch of mix in and flavor options in the actual recipe below to give you some measurements and ideas, but feel free to go crazy!

Ultimate Muffin Recipe - Blueberry Variation! Add whatever you want.

I really hope you enjoy this recipe as much as we do. I think you’re going to love it. I know I just love having the ultimate version of any beloved recipe treat, it makes baking that much more fun when you know you’ll be successful in the kitchen. I put a lot of time and energy into creating all my recipes, but especially on these Ultimate Guides and ultimate recipes because I believe baking doesn’t have to be intimidating or complicated and learning how it all works (and why it doesn’t work sometimes) is the key to having baking successes instead of fails. I’ve done all the fails for you! I’ve turned everything I learned from culinary school, writing a cookbook, and doing endless kitchen experiments into recipe wins for you. As always, please let me know what other guides or recipes you’d like me to conquer next!

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